Monday, May 16, 2011

I can hardly even believe I'm doing this, but...

Okay, so... I've been working up the final composition. It's pretty close to done now, which I'm excited about. I've also been re-watching the entire series on the DVD set. Those tow things together ended up leading me to the conclusion that, for somewhat varying reasons, there were still five more characters I had to add. But this time, I SWEAR this is it! I am done coming up with new LOST characters to draw!

The first one seems kind of obvious to LOST fans, I'm sure: Aaron. I had always planned to include Aaron in the final composition, but I was originally going to draw him as just a quick, cartoony, generic baby. In the process of composing the final image, though, I decided that that was going to just stick out too much. So I looked up some photos of the actual babies who played him and drew an actual caricature:

While re-watching, I realized that Michael Bowen as Danny Pickett had more screen time than some of the other minor characters I had included, so I decided I'd better add him too:

Same with Brad William Henke as Bram:

Once I had composed all the caricatures I had together the way I wanted them, I had an empty space in the middle of all the Freighter People that I couldn't seem to eliminate by just moving characters around, so I decided to draw Marc Vann as Ray the Ship Doctor to fill it in:

And finally, even though he had very little screen time, Sean Whalen as Neil ("Frogurt") was just an entertaining character and I decided to add him too, for that reason alone:

Okay, NOW I'm done with them, and as soon as I'm done the big picture, I'll post it.

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