Tuesday, March 17, 2009

world's handsomest caricaturist. as far as i know.

the main reason i haven't been posting much lately is because, being between animation jobs, i'm using most of my time working on five or six different projects that i never have time to do when i'm working. one of the main things is creating 9with a lot of help from a good friend of mine who does this stuff professionally) a whole new caricatures by don website! i'm excited about it and hope you'll like it. in connection with this, i felt i needed to do a new self-caricature to grace the front page. this is it.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

hey, that's not a caricature!

i know, i haven't been posting much here so far this year. been busy with several projects i'm trying to finish before work in animation starts up again. including putting together a whole new caricatures by don website! so that's something for all you huge, rabid fans of mine (donheads, as i understand you like to be called) to look forward to.

in the meantime, speaking of animation, i thought i'd take this opportunity to show you what else i do besides caricatures. this is my animation demo reel, made up of flash animation scenes i did while working at the now-defunct (what a great word!) collideascope animation. it has scenes from the shows "olliver's adventures" and "delilah & julius", as well as my contribution to an experimental project done for cbc's "zed tv", called "exquisite bunny". the reel is a little out of date, since i've worked on several shows since then, but until i'm able to work any scenes from those shows in, this is my demo as it exists.

the music, by the way, is "weird al" yankovic's "fun zone", from the movie "uhf".