Monday, May 28, 2007

someone should tell him the correct spelling of "william".

all right, enough of the beautiful people like tim curry, robin williams and phil collins! let's get back to drawring the uggers! how's this one: the only guy i've ever seen with eyes that are both sunken and bulging!

willem dafoe.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

guy whose last name is also a kind of spice. (i'm a virtual treasure trove of fascinating trivia!)

just a quick sketch today, nothing fancy.

with this guy's talent, it's a shame he's best remembered for what i truly believe may be the worst piece-of-crap movie i've ever seen!

it's tim curry. (see, curry is a spice.)

Saturday, May 19, 2007

i miss 21 jump street. don't you miss 21 jump street? i do.

okay, i've never seen 21 jump street. it's still an amusing reference.

k, so i drew johnny depp. i tried a colouring method different from the one i usually use, where i do a regular black and white shaded version first, then lay the colours over top of that.

but, i'm not sure i like the effect. let's remove the colour layers.

yeah, that's better. unfortunately, he still for some reason looks like an anime character, which he didn't in my initial sketch. i hate anime. okay, so let's go back to basics. the original sketch layer:

yeah, that's it! tell me what you think.

Friday, May 18, 2007

that guy from "popeye"...

what? you've never seen "popeye"? okay... how about "moscow on the hudson"?
no? uhhh... "jakob the liar?"
that one either, huh?
oh, i know: "club paradise"!
"bicentennial man"?
"man of the year"?
"the survivors"?
"being human"?
"nine months"?
"the best of times"?
"the final cut"?

...awww, whatever.

here's robin williams.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

million dollar teeth

again, here's someone who's made about to be a gorgeous vision of beauty in "the media", and.... i just don't see it. whatever.

hilary swank.

(man, i wish my last name was "swank".)

Friday, May 11, 2007


i finally got around to doing some touch-ups on my leonardo dicaprio caricature. i must say, i think there's a notable improvement in the likeness. in fact, comparing it to this new version, i now look at first one and can't see leo in it at all! hope you agree.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

i believe it to be possible that they may be giants, though i will acknowledge the possibility that they may not be giants as well.

did the rough pencil sketch for this over two years ago. just finally finished it all up nice today.

it's very possible you've never heard of these guys. if you have, it's very possible you're not familiar with their music. if you are, it's still very possible you have no idea what they look like. personally, i'm a huge fan. and therefore a geek.

they might be giants, done in flash.

i got yer mcdreamy right here!

just another quick sketch this time.
patrick dempsey, of tv's increasingly stupid "grey's anatomy". a show on which none of the actors, with the exception of katherine heigl, and possibly isaiah washington, are nearly as attractive as they're made out to be. in my opinion. though my wife will disagree with me on this point. she thinks this dempsey individual is pretty darned hot. evidently, she's never seen "can't buy me love".

here he is. not so mcdreamy now, is he?

Monday, May 7, 2007

tobey man, tobey man... does whatever a topher can...

i don't give this post that title because tobey maguire and topher grace play enemies in the new (not very good, i'm afraid) spider-man movie, but rather because the two just kinda remind me of each other. okay, to be fair, i haven't actually seen much of either's work, but the whole time i was watching grace's movie "in good company", i kept getting the feeling that maybe the part had been written with maguire in mind, but he couldn't do it so they got that that 70's show guy instead.

anyway... nikki suggested i try drawring tobey maguire, so i gave it a shot. it's not really one of my favourites, not because i don't think it looks like him, but rather because it's not as exaggerated as i generally prefer. i just found it hard to pick out prominent features on the guy and stretch them to the point i wanted to. anyway, hope you like it just the same.

tobey maguire.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

treasure troll

i was saying at lunch how i tend to steer away from drawring caricatures of celebrities who are really prominent in the news and stuff lately, just because i get so sick of hearing about them. somehow, that led to someone suggesting i draw phil collins. go figure.
so this is supposed to be phil collins. but i'm not entirely convinced it's not bob hoskins. but then, i'm not entirely convinced that phil collins is not bob hoskins.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

meg ryan.

dang it, i just couldn't think of a clever, funny title for this post. what a rip.
so i said, "who shuld i draw today?"
and a girl i work with named nikki ( ) was all like, "oh, draw my favourite actress, meg ryan! i loooove meg ryan! she's so cute and perky and cute! i loooooooooove her! please, please draw my idol meg ryan!"

...or something like that.

so here's meg ryan.