Wednesday, July 29, 2009

here's tonight's "word": charracctuaterturre.

here's the next one: jon stewart and stephen colbert. pardon the seam. my scanner's not big enough for me to scan these in one piece, so i have to patch the halves together in photoshop, and for some reason, i couldn't get the halves to blend together on this one. i'll have to see what i can do about that. when i'm a billionaire, i'll get me one o' them big scanners, and never have problems like this again. also, i'll have my servants do the scanning for me.

Friday, July 24, 2009

so, apparently there are these people who study these things called "oceans"...

i have this ongoing thingy-thing with the oceanography department of halifax's dalhousie university: they have a decades-old tradition of honouring students who are defending their theses with caricatures of themselves. the backgrounds of these caricatures are generally full of details and visual puns referring to the topic of the thesis in question. they've had several different artists over the years doing them, and i'm the current one (since late 2008, if i remember correctly). i don't claim to understand any of the visuals. i just draw what they tell me to draw. don't try to "get" these. you'll hurt yourself. but here are just a few of my particular favourites:

Monday, July 20, 2009

warning: disturbing image. but look at it anyway.

here's another finished one: frank zappa. i originally had something much different in mind for this, but when i sat down to start it, i realized i didn't have it fully conceived in my mind, and couldn't seem to visualize exactly where i was going to go with it, so i abandoned that idea and went with this one. anyone who doesn't understand this image, check out this zappa album cover:[url][/url].

comments, as always, welcome.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

lady? by what definition?

normally, i don't like caricaturing flash-in-the-pan flavours-of-the-month who will be nothing but punchlines in five or ten years, if, indeed, anyone remembers them at all, but this one is the subject of this month's contest at e-caricatures. so... i did.

it's lady gaga.

more people you don't recognize.

just a couple more of the non-celebrity commissions i've done recently, with which i was particularly pleased.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

insert political joke here. i have none.

i very seldom caricature political figures, for two reasons: 1. politics bore me. 2. they're so frequently done that i don't see much point in adding another one to the pile, being unable to really bring anything new to them.

but, for some reason, i felt i should have one or two for my sample book at my stand down at the local waterfront, so i did these up. comments welcome.

weird-lookin' chick with a funny name.

Finally! another one! i was originally planning to do these in the alphabetical order i did the original sketches in, but then... i didn't.

didn't change much, if anything, from the original sketch for this one. people seemed to like the sketch. hope you like the final as well. comments welcome.

uma thurman: