Monday, July 20, 2009

warning: disturbing image. but look at it anyway.

here's another finished one: frank zappa. i originally had something much different in mind for this, but when i sat down to start it, i realized i didn't have it fully conceived in my mind, and couldn't seem to visualize exactly where i was going to go with it, so i abandoned that idea and went with this one. anyone who doesn't understand this image, check out this zappa album cover:[url][/url].

comments, as always, welcome.


Jim Hopkins said...

Cool! Actually one of my favorite Zappa albums and album covers.
Good one!

chumpmonkey said...


john said...

nice work

chumpmonkey said...

thank you. hey, were you, like, the very first guy ever to get a blogger account? that's the only way i would think it possible for you to get the user name "john".

john said...

not unless blogging started this year !!!!