Wednesday, July 8, 2009

lady? by what definition?

normally, i don't like caricaturing flash-in-the-pan flavours-of-the-month who will be nothing but punchlines in five or ten years, if, indeed, anyone remembers them at all, but this one is the subject of this month's contest at e-caricatures. so... i did.

it's lady gaga.


Will Appledorn said...

haha, i might have to give this one a try.

she's so ugly!

chumpmonkey said...



Yeah i felt the same way...she doesn't deserve the recognition. I never even heard of her before the contest. Good have my vote.

Rick Cortes said...

I'm not a fan either, but she has broken the record for number 1 hits by a rookie musician...which is bizarre to me. She's basically a 90s rave singer who figured out that if she acted like an asshole, she'd get famous.

ANYWAY! Great drawing. One of your best sketches.

chumpmonkey said...

thanx, you two. fame often defies logic.