Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"p", uh... male?

here's another one i'm surprised i've never drawrn before. i'm not 100% convinced he qualifies as "p" male, partly because i'm never sure whether his name still starts with "p" these days, and partly because his status as a "male" remains questionable.

and incidentally, i've never been sure why this guy seems to get so much respect in the music business, like he's some kind of music god who can do no wrong, and with whose presence we are all fortunate to be blessed. he's pretentious and annoying, and his music is... pretentious and annoying.

in any case, i'm using him anyway.

here's prince:

Thursday, July 24, 2008

she's got bette davis eyes... not by coincidence.

i did this for the monthly caricature contest at e-caricatures. this month's subject is bette davis. i remember when i was a kid, hearing the song "bette davis eyes" (who ever told jennifer warnes she had a good singing voice anyway?), long before i'd ever seen pictures or anything of ms. davis herself. when i finally saw what she looked like, i thought, "really? so... is 'you've got bette davis eyes' supposed to be a compliment? because if i were to tell someone that, i would mean, 'your eyes are kinda creepy-looking and you scare me'."

but maybe that's just me.

bette davis:

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

oh man! it's my "o" woman!

my "o" female is someone i felt just wasn't getting enough exposure and media attention, so i thought i'd throw her a bone, as it were, give her a leg up, as it also were, and give her a little mention here on the ol' cartoonatorium.

her name is oprah winfrey. remember that name. she's gonna be pretty famous one day.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

the only thing worse than having an unflattering caricature done of oneself is not having an unflattering caricature done of oneself.

with this one being my official catch-up piece (yaaayyy!), i figured it was about time i went back to putting a little more effort into some of these. here's my "o" male (on the actual "o" male week!), oscar wilde:

Monday, July 14, 2008

crap, now i've got that stupid "i'm like a bird" song stuck in my head!

another quick sketch here for the "n" female, simply because it's someone about whom i'm pretty indifferent. i know a lot of guys think nelly furtado's pretty hot, but i do not. in addition, i'm annoyed by her music as well as her personality (or at least her public persona). the only reason i chose her was because i was having a hard time thinking of an "n" female, and someone i work with suggested her. so go ahead and suggest things i could have done differently if you want, as long as you accept the fact that i'm not re-doing it any time soon.

the biggest challenge i faced on this one was having to make a conscious effort not to just directly copy jan op de beeck's nelly furtado caricature, which is one of my favourite caricatures i've ever seen, of anyone, anywhere, ever!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

hey, hey, ralphie boy!

oops. different ed norton. sorry.

i attempted to draw this guy five or six times. this was the least bad.

my "n" male, edward norton:

Friday, July 4, 2008

the divine ms. m.

no, not that ms. m. the one who really is divine, instead of an annoying loudmouth.

this is sarah mclachlan, and i swear it looked more like her before i added the shading.

what a rip.