Wednesday, November 21, 2007

man alive, would ya look at the size o' that post!

my website, , hasn't been updated in a long time, due to reasons i won't go into here. but i did a lot of stuff in between the last time i updated it and the day i started this cartoonatorium. stuff that can't be seen anywhere on the intrawebs except various message boards i post on, and there, they're all scattered around and hard to find, should one happen to be looking for them. so i thought i'd post it all here in one big ol' post. this is mostly (all?) stuff i did between customers down at the waterfront during the summer of 2006. kick back and enjoy.

jack nicholson (one of my favourite things i've ever done).

eric clapton (not the guy from "house", thank you very much).

salvador dali.

john lennon.

david bowie (got into a kind of an experimental sort of a mood).

u2 (i'm not a u2, fan but this is also one of my favourite things i've ever done).

angelina jolie (mmmmmm.... angelina jolieeeeeee....).

the cast of seinfeld (yet another of my favourite things i've ever done. it was a good summer).

jimi hendrix (uhhh... yeah. jimi hendrix).

and the rolling stones ('cuz i hated my old rolling stones caricature more every time i looked at it).

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


that "alley-oop" pun is hilarious. fact. why aren't you laughing?

i may be making some slight alterations to my keira knightley caricature. in the meantime, here's kirtsie alley.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

wow, it hasn't been very long at all since the lsat time i posted.

here's a new one. it took me some time, and i think it's pretty good. i'm not 100% certain, though, because while i was working on it, people would keep looking at it, but not saying, "hey, that looks good."
i guess it's true what they (i) say: people are all jerks.

here's keira knightley.