Tuesday, February 24, 2009

can you believe she's still alive?

i think i've mentioned somewhere around here that my intention for 2009 was to take 12 of my unfinished sketches from the "a to zed" project of 2008, (for newcomers to this not-blog who aren't familiar with the a to zed project, search "a to zed" in the top left corner of this page) and finish up one a month, in traditional media (mostly coloured pencil). well, i don't know that the one-a-month plan is really gonna pan out now, what with it being near the end of february and my just having finished the first one!

anyway, here it is, amy winehouse. anyone who recalls my original sketch may recognize a few changes i've made in doing this up all nicey-like. a few likeness points, such as the shapes of the nose and mouth and adding the pouchiness of her cheeks, which i somehow missed out on the first time around. but the biggest, most noticeable change is the tattoos. in my sketch, i made all her tattoos show drug- and alcohol-related images. doing up the finished version, i didn't feel good about making fun of her addictions, but i still didn't want to just copy them directly from reality. i wanted to make them funny. hope i was reasonably successful at that. anyway, here it is, and all comments and critiques are welcome and appreciated.


Saturday, February 7, 2009

that guy again.

i'm not posting as often these days as i was for a while there. been very busy, with a lot of different things. found a bit of time over the last few days to do up this one. david bowie, one of my all-time favourite singers, and all-time favourite caricature subjects. this one might be done now, but i'm open to suggestions if anyone thinks there's anything i could do to make it more effective.