Wednesday, July 29, 2009

here's tonight's "word": charracctuaterturre.

here's the next one: jon stewart and stephen colbert. pardon the seam. my scanner's not big enough for me to scan these in one piece, so i have to patch the halves together in photoshop, and for some reason, i couldn't get the halves to blend together on this one. i'll have to see what i can do about that. when i'm a billionaire, i'll get me one o' them big scanners, and never have problems like this again. also, i'll have my servants do the scanning for me.


cabap said...
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cabap said...

Great exaggeration,very nice expressions on the faces !!!!!!
jan :)

Maria said...

This is awesome. And I don't see a seam.

chumpmonkey said...

really? it's right there beside jon's face. in fact, it runs through the end of his nose. but anyway, thanx.

and thanx, cabap.