Friday, May 11, 2007


i finally got around to doing some touch-ups on my leonardo dicaprio caricature. i must say, i think there's a notable improvement in the likeness. in fact, comparing it to this new version, i now look at first one and can't see leo in it at all! hope you agree.


Tara said...

these all are awsome, but it took me a few minute to get this title i thought it said "dica" "previsited" who's dica?

Tara said...

and what's a previsit? you do a little visit before the REAL visit. maybe have coffee? or maybe something like a pretreater for stains before you wash clothing?

chumpmonkey said...

it's the social visit you make at dica's house to establish that he's home before coming back in a balaclava to shatter his kneecaps with a prybar. oh, how i hate that dica! especially his kneecaps!