Monday, May 7, 2007

tobey man, tobey man... does whatever a topher can...

i don't give this post that title because tobey maguire and topher grace play enemies in the new (not very good, i'm afraid) spider-man movie, but rather because the two just kinda remind me of each other. okay, to be fair, i haven't actually seen much of either's work, but the whole time i was watching grace's movie "in good company", i kept getting the feeling that maybe the part had been written with maguire in mind, but he couldn't do it so they got that that 70's show guy instead.

anyway... nikki suggested i try drawring tobey maguire, so i gave it a shot. it's not really one of my favourites, not because i don't think it looks like him, but rather because it's not as exaggerated as i generally prefer. i just found it hard to pick out prominent features on the guy and stretch them to the point i wanted to. anyway, hope you like it just the same.

tobey maguire.

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