Saturday, May 19, 2007

i miss 21 jump street. don't you miss 21 jump street? i do.

okay, i've never seen 21 jump street. it's still an amusing reference.

k, so i drew johnny depp. i tried a colouring method different from the one i usually use, where i do a regular black and white shaded version first, then lay the colours over top of that.

but, i'm not sure i like the effect. let's remove the colour layers.

yeah, that's better. unfortunately, he still for some reason looks like an anime character, which he didn't in my initial sketch. i hate anime. okay, so let's go back to basics. the original sketch layer:

yeah, that's it! tell me what you think.


Leisl said...

Your caricatures are a howl ^_^
I actually like the colour one...

chumpmonkey said...

thanx leisl!