Wednesday, November 18, 2009

other people who also ace faces

over the last five or six years, i've been a regular poster on several caricaturist message boards. some of them are now extinct, but a couple (most notably the drawing board and e-caricatures) are still going strong. one of things we often do on these boards is post our own photos so we can draw caricatures of each other. i thought i'd post on here (since i haven't had much time for new artwork lately) some of my favourites of the ones i've drawn over the years. some of these are several years old, some rather more recent; some are digital, some are pencil-on-paper; and some clearly have more time and effort put into them than others. nothing personal.

hope you like them.

alison (i don't know her last name):

ewan mactavish (sorry if i've spelled the name wrong):

chris marie (all the reference photos she posted showed her in low-cut shirts):

a guy who posts under the screen name maester:

a guy who posts under the screen name stilltoon:

william appledorn:

sagan lacey:

chris neuenschwander:

gord macdonald:

juanjo baron:

kaya (i don't know her last name either-- i thought this looked like her, but i'm not sure she agreed. maybe if i were to meet her face-to-face i'd draw her differently):

chris wahl (who drew my favourite of all the ones that have been done of me):

mike hasson:

a guy who posts (or used to) under the name neo noaide:

simon, whose last name i don't remember:

frank zieglar:


BODARD said...

Excellent idea ! Thanks, Don. I don't often visit the two forums (no time), so it's a pleasure for me to discover your drawings ! Great, great !

Kaya devient Lorette said...

Hi there !
Thanks for posting my caricature Don. Actually I think it looks like me and the other thing that stroke me at the time you showed it on the E-caricature forum was the similarity between your interpretation of my mug and a picture of my boyfriend noone had seen before on the forum.
Your Maester is really great by the way.

chumpmonkey said...

thanks, you two. or should i say, "merci"?

Kelly Gannon said...

Hey...great job Don.

Dominic Philibert said...

Good job!

chumpmonkey said...


cabap said...

great job Don,
jan :)

Grand said...

This is a beautiful series of characters! Wonderful work, Don!

Patrick Strogulski said...

great scetches !!

chumpmonkey said...

thanx, everyone. i'm glad my non-celebrity stuff is appreciated, though personally, i prefer drawring the celebrities.

Jim Hopkins said...

I just did the same thing on my blog. I hadn't seen this post yet. Great minds work in the same direction. ;)
Anyway, I've seen these singularly, but collectively they make an impressive package of caricatures. Great work, Don!

Jeff said...

I actually recognized Mike Hasson from his caricature before the photo! I drew him years ago.

chumpmonkey said...

wow, this post has gotten more comments than any other i've posted here. i guess not everyone shares my preference for celebrity caricatures.

thanks for the kind words, guys.