Saturday, October 31, 2009

people are actually following me!

look at that, i officially have one quarter of a hundred "followers" on the cartoonatorium! woo-hoo! thanks to those who have signed up, and for those who haven't.... it's easy! go ahead, try it!

sorry there hasn't been any artwork posted in a few weeks. busy busy busy. soon, hopefully.

thanks again!



And don't forget about us when you're famous...we loved you first!

BODARD said...

Yes, yes, yes !!!! I'm the 25th, I'm the 25th !! Never forgot me, my friend !

Mario Richard said...

Hey Don, thanks for the comment.

I came and met you actually about 3-4 years ago at the Halifax Busker's Festival. While you where drawing caricatures, I waited until you weren't busy so I could ask for tips and tricks hahah (at the time I had started doing them too)

Nice caricatures too on your blog, my favorite is your Uma Thurman, very funny.

chumpmonkey said...

oh, yeah! i remember you! i had forgotten your name, but i definitely recall meeting. thanx for the kind words.

David Germain said...

If they follow you too closely, you can have them arrested. Or, at least, slap a big restraining order against them. ;)

Paton said...

I thought I was following you... and now I am. Whoo hoo.