Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Would you just get LOST with these already!

Okay, so... sorry for the anticlimax, but I decided to add one more character...

Fredric Lehne as Marshall Edward Mars:

Also, I've done all my re-drawing. So I'll post the ones with significant enough changes to bother showing...

First, the ones I completely re-drew, starting with Jack. A number of people said they didn't see much likeness in the first one I posted of him, and I know at the time I said I thought it was good, but those critiques stuck with me, and over time I began to see less and less likeness. So finally, I decided to completely re-draw him:


and I FINALLY got one I like of Jacob:

Next, there were a few of the early ones that didn't quite match the shading style I kind of gradually morphed into as I went along. Since my ultimate plan is to put all of these together into one piece, I wanted the style to be consistent, so I went back and touched up these ones...



and Hurley ( I also altered his facial expression a little to make him look less angry):

And the rest of these are just ones that had structural problems that were bothering me. If you're interested enough to go back and compare them with my original sketches, I think you'll see the changes I made...


Daniel (After posting it, I couldn't believe I hadn't noticed that I'd put his far ear waaaaayyy too low!):



Karl (Mostly I just un-crossed his eyes):

The Man in Black:




and Walt:

There were a few others I altered too, but the changes were so minor I didn't think them worth posting.

Anyway, all there is left to do now is to assemble them all into one big poster. I look forward to it, but I make no guarantees about how long it will take me to get that done.

Thanks for looking! Comments and critiques welcome.


Jorge Garcia said...

These are rad!

ArtforLife42 said...

these are incredible LOVE THEM.

I did a few sketches of them myself, though not quite so awesome...:)


chumpmonkey said...


Jorge Garcia just commented on my LOST caricatures!!!!!

I could die happy.

Thanks, Jorge! Hurley was one of the greatest characters in the history of TV!

chumpmonkey said...

Oh, and, thanks, ArtforLife.

Chopper said...

VERY Impressive! Any chance there will be more on the way? Perhaps a Locke?!

chumpmonkey said...

Oh, this isn't nearly all of them. On the right side of this page, check under "labels". Click "lost". You'll see all 61 characters I've caricatured. I'm still adding a few more, and I'm currently working on assembling them all into one big composition.


LotteryTicket said...

Don, Excellent! LOST certainly had many memorable characters. Thanks for including Vincent! I have posted and added your website to roll call of LOST artists at: http://lostblog.com/lostart/

If and when you create compilation print, I would love to share with fans.

@Lottery_Ticket or @Lostblog_Art (twitter)

chumpmonkey said...

Thanxalot, Ticket! Great blog!