Wednesday, January 27, 2010

and now, because you demanded it: a caricature of some guy you've never heard of!

k, so my friend (don't tell her i called her that) caroline and i have gotten back into doing our lunchtime caricature challenge thingy. we agreed to pick a different theme each week (or something) and draw caricatures of people who fit into that theme. our first theme was people who are famous pretty much in halifax only (or "halifamous", as annoying reporters around here like to say). our first subject was a local comedian named mark little, from a comedy troupe called picnicface (though his stand-up stuff is, in my opinion, much funnier than the group's sketches). it's just a rough sketch, with no shading added or anything. here it is:


Nori Tominaga said...

love your stuff man, an inspiration :)

chumpmonkey said...

thank you. i just checked out your blog and website, and you've got some really nice stuff there!