Friday, January 9, 2009

great googily-moogily! i'm finally posting a "z"!

had a few minutes today to do up a very quick sketch for my "z" male. not much more time at the moment, so excuse the lack of rendering and the lazy hair work. this is another one i intend to revisit later in the year, and, like i said with my bjork caricature, i think the subject matter requires a more unconventional rendering.

frank zappa:


Paton said...

Once more you nail it. Well done. Looking forward to what you'll be doing next.


CarolineJarvis said...

That's awesome! I just did a Zappa painting for my buddy.
Yours is better though

Carl Knox said...

bawhahhaha... dude that's an awesome effort! The wiggles cracked me up!... Jeff is hilarious! :P

love the way you push the features!

chumpmonkey said...