Tuesday, April 3, 2007

world's ugliest man!

man, i hope he never sees this. then meets me. and confronts me about that "world's ugliest man" comment. that could get awkward. i'd be all, like, "uuuhhh... yeah. sorry. " and he'd be all, like, "well, okay, let's just forget---" and then i'd be all, like' "sorry you're so ugly, that is!" and then i'd be all laughing and stuff, and he'd be all fuming, and be all, like, "that's it. i was considering giving you some of the millions of dollars i've made by being so ugly, but i'm not gonna now." and then i'd be all, like, "no, really, i'm sorry i said that, about the ugly and stuff", but then it would be too late, and i'd just have to stand there watching the back of his ugly head as he walks away, with no ugly dollars to console me.

so i hope that never happens.

it's steve buscemi, by the way.


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Maria said...

I thought you were talking about Tarantino. 'Cause he's ugly. Really ugly.