Monday, April 2, 2007

what's the deal with movie directors and big, thick-rimmed glasses?

i'm a big fan of this wackjob, and for some reason have never caricatured him before. i really enjoyed doing it, but again, spent far more time on it than i should have.

i'm gonna get fired.

here's tim burton.


Gillian said...


Elliot said...

Don - you devil.
Welcome to Blogger!
It takes some effort to keep it up but you'll meet some great guys.

Niall O loughlin said...

hey Don great to see your blog, will add a link ASAP!

Vincenzo said...

Another Canadian Blogger...just what the world needs :)!

Terrific Burton Don!!!!!!

kend said...

wow this is awsome!

Maria said...

This one is brilliant!

Anonymous said...

I HATE TIM BURTON!!!!!!!!! But this is a good picture of him. I hope he dies, though. Soon.