Friday, March 16, 2007

Welcome to the cartoonatorium, yo.

For ages, friends and family members have been trying to convince me that I needed to start up a blog, so that I could post my caricature sketches and stuff as soon as they were done, rather than making people wait the two years or so it generally turns out to be between updates to my website. I resisted the idea all that time, for one sole reason: I hate the word "blog". It's a stupid word. I hate saying it, I hate hearing other people say it, and I couldn't bring myself to admit that I had anything with such a stupid name. Hence, at a friend's suggestion, this little corner of the internet will never be called by that monicker ( monicker... what a stupid word). It will forever be CHUMPMONKEY'S ELECTRONIC CARTOONATORIUM!
The posts here will consist, I expect, mostly of caricatures, since that's what I love to do most. But I may also include some of my inane ramblings and some sketches and cartoons and stuff from time to time. What i hope to be able to do is start drawring caricature sketches in Flash, since I work with that program at my job as an animator, so that I don't have to find time for the scanning stage between drawring and posting. But I do expect to post some of my pencil sketches when I can too.
So, what I'm asking of you, reader (as if anyone's reading this), is suggestions for celebrities I can do some quick sketches of to post here. That doesn't necessarily mean I'll draw everyone anyone suggests, but at least it'll give me some ideas. In the meantime, I give you the only Flash caricature I've done so far, and hope it's not a long, long time before I find time to add more.
Here's the world's angriest man, Dick Cheney. I don't usually do political caricatures very often, since politics bore me, but this guy's face was just begging for it!

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Gillian said...

im going to have night terrors FOREVER now... thank DON