Monday, March 26, 2007

okay, forget flash!

well, no, don't forget it entirely. it does get kind of a cool look, and i may come back to it from time to time when i'm wanting to get said look, but it's... idunno... unweildy.

so this guy at work ( ) comes in one day raving about this program called sketchbook pro, and insisting i have to try it. so i did. now i'm hooked! it's awrsome! it's almost like drawring on paper, except it eliminates the necessity for the scanning step. i've started on a leonardo dicaprio and an ellen pompeo in sketchbook, which i will post when they're done, but in the meantime, my friend caroline (carolinejarvis.blogspot,com ) and i started up a thing where every day we're gonna work on a caricature sketch over lunch, always doing the same celebrities. some other people at work may or may not be joining us in this, we'll see.
anyway, today was day one, and i spent way more time on this than i should have, and than i can afford to from now on. but i like the final product. i mean, i could make it tighter, but then i'd have to spend a whole lot more time on it, so i won't. for now.

so here it is. it's woody allen.

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