Saturday, January 4, 2014

A to Zed 2: Zed Harder!

I don't think anyone ever comes looking around here anymore, but in case anyone happens to stumble across it, I'll post these here in addition to my Facebook page, my Twitter feed, my tumblr, E-Caricatures and

Several years ago now (I forget just how many), I did a project I called A to Zed, which meant that each week for one year, I drew a new caricature of a famous person. The first week, it was a male, at least one of whose names started with A. The second week, it was a female starting with A. Then a B male, then a B female, etc. 26 letters in the alphabet time two equals 52 weeks in a year.

Well, one of my annoyances about 2013 was that I didn't spend nearly enough time drawing just for the fun of drawing. So to make sure that doesn't happen again in 2014, I've decided to do the A to Zed project again.

Week 1: A male: Alan Arkin.

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