Thursday, October 28, 2010

the lost caricatures of don pinsent

it's been pretty slow going on these lately, because i've been insanely busy, and have only been working on them at the very end of the day, for about ten or fifteen minutes at atime, right before going to bed. but i finally have more to put up.

here are the people off the freighter from season 4:

jeremy davies as daniel faraday (i had a much harder time with him than i had expected. this was developed from sketch #8, and i'm stil not completely happy with it. something is off, and i can't tell what it is. if anyone has any suggestions, i'd really appreciate them):

rebecca mader as charlotte:

ken leung as miles:

and jeff fahey as lapidus ( i know he spent the last two seasons looking much more cleaned-up than this, more, as sawyer put it, "like someone from a burt reynolds movie", but this was the look he had when he first came on the show, which was when i found him the most entertaining):

by the way, in case anyone's interested, i did it again, but this time i swear for the very last time: i upped the number of characters on my list. i added two more i decided deserved some attention, bringing the final number up to 60. this makes 47 down, 13 to go!

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