Wednesday, May 12, 2010

my two greatest obsessions collide!

well, that drawring i did of locke got me wanting to try again on as many "lost" characters as i can. i drew a bunch of them a few years ago, and thought they were pretty good at the time. looking at them again now, i disagree with me. so i started over. here are the ones i have so far:

matthew fox as jack shephard:

evangeline lilly as kate austen:

josh holloway as james "sawyer" ford:

jorge garcia as hugo "hurley" reyes:

naveen andrews as sayid jarrah:

michael emerson as ben linus:


Curtis said...

Fantastic! That hugo looks especially great. But I think my favorite is Sawyer and his sneaky eyes...he's plannin' some kind of double cross.

chumpmonkey said...

or maybe a triple or quadruple.

thanx, citrus.

Adam Gunn said...

These are excellent Don! I agree with Curtis about Hugo.

R.Kamal said...

i go where the boars go...Lol, hilarious hugo, and the cheeky sawyer. both are my favorites!