Saturday, June 28, 2008

and now for something... well, pretty much the same, really. you know, more caricatures.

in the circumstances (i.e. i've been insanely busy these last few weeks; i'm trying to get caught up to where i should be on this project; i stupidly chose a group of six guys to do for this one), please understand my posting such a quick-looking, rough sketch. i know the composition is less than perfect, and if i'd thought about that before i just started drawing individual faces, i'd have had eric idle facing the other way. if i ever get around to making a nice, finished version of this (i would like to), i'll change that, or maybe the way the faces are arranged or something....

anyway, here's the "m" male, monty python:

1 comment:

mr-freeze said...

Wow! Amazing work!
John, Eric, Graham and the two Terrys never looked better.
Only to recognize Michael Palin i´ve had to look twice.
But anyway, i like the drawing very much!
Awesome Work!