Tuesday, May 6, 2008

what? another old-timey motion picture lady? that's , like, TWO now!

nice work, don. one week after getting caught up, i get a week behind again.

here's what should have been last week's caricature (we got dumped with a particularly difficult episode of the show we're working on), the "i" female: ingrid bergman. now, i didn't really want to do this so soon after audrey hepburn, but i chose ingrid as my "i" female for one reason: i couldn't think of any other famous women with names starting with "i".

i don't even know much about her, so, while i think i got a decent likeness here, i'd probably cede pretty quickly to the opposing opinion of anyone more familiar with her.

anyway, enough talk. here's ingrid bergman:

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Jim Hopkins said...

This came out cool -nice job!